Weekly Tournament Rules 

@ Funfunding we work very hard to help important causes to get recognition and funds while allowing their supporters to have fun and be part of the good.
Please support us with good feedback and fair play. If, at any point, you feel that something is wrong or can be better, please contact us at community@funfunding.org

Thank you

The Teams: 

  1. Any person/or organization that would like to participate as a team, need to apply and get approved by us. 

  2. We will ask you to provide (i) basic information about your team that will be presented on FunFunding and (ii) your contact info so we can stay in touch.

  3. The team leader will be requested to specify in advance the NGO that the team will play for.

The Tournament:

  1. The exact Start time of the November tournament will be announced soon.

  2. Length: for every specific tournament there is a timer that will indicate how much time left.

  3. Prizes/Donation: The chosen NGO of each of the winning teams will get prizes as published on our tournaments platform during the specific tournament. 

  4. Scoring system: every time you play you can get points.
    Here is how we calculate the number of points you and your team get by game:
    Tentrix: every point in the game = 0.75 FunFunding points (i.e you get score 100 points in the game your team will get 75 points)
    Bouncy-Dunk: every point in the game = 2.5 FunFunding points (i.e you get score 100 points in the game your team will get 250 points)
    Baseball-hero: every point in the game = 5.5 FunFunding points (i.e you get score 100 points in the game your team will get 550 points)

    Yeti-sensation: every point in the game = 0.2 FunFunding points (i.e you get score 100 points in the game your team will get 20 points)
    For each point between 1-10 you get 1 FunFunding point,
    For each point between 11-20 you get 2 FunFunding points, 
    For each point between 21-30 you get 3 FunFunding points,
    For each point 31 and up you get 4 FunFunding points
    For example, a player got 23 points in the game, we give him 10*1+10*2+3*3=39

    For level 1 you get 5 FunFunding points, For level 2 you get 10 FunFunding points, for level 3 you get 15 FunFunding points, for level 4 you get 50 FunFunding points,  for level 5 you get 60 FunFunding points and it keeps increasing by 10 every for every higher level.


X Factor:

The teams and team members who succeed to bring the highest number of people to join their team have a much higher chance to win.

Invite people and spread the word


The Donations: 

Within 45 days after the official announcement of the winning teams, we will distribute the donations to the NGO of each winning team, according to their earned prize.



Every person who has access to a team’s invitation link can join that team and support it by playing and inviting other people to join.



Automation, bots or anything that is not an individual playing on a specific device is prohibited.

We keep the right to disqualify a player and even the entire team in case we find any kind of cheating, manipulations, fraud, misconduct, or other forms of attempts to gain an unfair advantage over other teams.