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Online Games Tournament

11th-18th of November 

Total Prizes: $10,000

Support your favorite nonprofit  simply by playing games

About FunFunding

Our mission at FunFunding is to make "doing good" a part of everybody's day

The biggest challenge we found that NGO's are facing is fundraising. Hours of labor required in targeting people, convincing them of your goal and getting them to donate.  

We've decided to put



In FunFunding we run "free to play" tournaments where the charities of winning teams  earn prizes in cash. Team members help their teams by playing fun games, collecting points and inviting others to play. 


Easy to join

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Raise and win money

Offer your community a FUN experience

Expand your community or supporters 

Promote your values

Build a team spirit within your community

and impact

A sneak peek into our platfrom

1. Enter 

2. Pick & Play 
a game

3. Collect points for 
your team

4. Help your
 team win

Some of our partners


People Love FunFunding

" Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for motivating us! We highly appreciate everything that you are doing to support all the organizations with great causes to make lives better for others "

Daniel Chidubem Gbujie

Community Leader, Team 54 Project

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